A Bit About The “Free Spirit” Album Cover And Grand Haven, MI

Grand Haven Lighthouse

I think this is one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the world. I used to live in Grand Haven, and we’d take walks up and down this pier all the time. It’s an amazingly beautiful walk. I think my favorite time of day to walk this was in the late evening. Maybe an hour before sunset, then just sit there and watch the sun set at the very end of the pier.

But I just wanted to write another post, about how beautiful this landmark is, and how amazing a place Grand Haven is – the day we visited last, it was foggy, so I was bummed that Heather didn’t get to see what Grand Haven looks like on a super sunny day.

We took plenty of great pictures that day, it was still a pretty busy place, even though it was not the best weather.

If you ever have the chance, take a visit to Grand Haven.

So, I know Graffiti around beautiful public places is a bad thing, but when Heather and I visited Grand Haven, and I took her to the lighthouse, we spotted this little bit, it wasn’t in a place that really made anything look bad, and it was two simple words – “Free Spirit”. So we snapped a pic. It was one of 100s we took there that day, but it always stuck out in my mind.

T.S. Monaghan Free Spirit Album Cover

New Album Cover!

Later, as I describe here,  I decided to name the album “Free Spirit”, and this picture immediately came to mind.

So this album cover was born, for my first album.

I don’t even know if this is still there. I think it was on the north edge of the pier, maybe 1/2 way up. If it’s not still there, I bet a lot of you frequent pier walkers, and fishermen remember seeing it there.

It seems like it was between the two lighthouses on that pier, and near the number 7 (VII). I’m not even sure it was on the north side, maybe it was the south side.

So any of you Grand Haven locals, can you find this “Free Spirit”? Is it still there? It was there in 2014, around June. And I think I remember seeing it much earlier than that, it’s probably around 10 years old.

Maybe I need to get out there and check it out for myself!

Keep an eye out for this new album, with a piece of Grand Haven history on it, all the updates will be on this site!

So I grew up a little bit in Grand Haven. I grew up in a lot of different places. But I remember Grand Haven because it was always so beautiful. It’s different than mountains. The woods in the area are amazing (check out Duncan Woods), and most of the neighborhoods are welcoming and cheery.

A LOT of inspiration for music happened here – between the 1980s and  mid 90’s I was either living in Grand Haven, or visiting there on a regular basis.

Anyway, that’s my Grand Haven story – or at least one of them 😉


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