About This Site And My Journey

Studio Desk

Where most of the work happens!

Basically, a few months ago, after a 20 year hiatus from my recording / singer / songwriting career, I decided to release some of these songs that keep percolating up to the surface. And a whole lot changed for me.

I realized that the music industry has changed a TON since I was in it as an artist in the early / mid 90’s – as well as the recording process has changed a ton since I ran a recording studio in the mid / late 90’s.

I mean, it’s totally different. The gear, the tech, the way you sell records – everything. I knew a lot back in the 90’s – now I’m learning all over again.

So, it’s my first album under a lot of new conditions. It’s also my first solo album. And I am going to learn a lot.

This site is me sharing those learnings with you – and my future self, should I ever forget the lessons learned.

I figure, it doesn’t matter if you’re like me and you’re re-learning this stuff, or if you’re 19 and you’re doing it for the first time ever. We can learn from each other.

Also, I am exploring a few creative financing models for this (and future) albums. Partially because I’m not rich, and partially because I am very interested in how artists are going to make a living in this new musical economy. I talk a lot about that over here, in my Bandcamp rant.

I’ll document everything here, so it should be a fun ride! Check back often!