Album #1 Becomes A Free Spirit

T.S. Monaghan Free Spirit Album Cover

Naming The Album & Why

So it can be really hard (or really easy) to name an album. This one was both – hard and easy.

It was hard while I was trying, but as soon as I stopped trying, and let the question hang there for a couple weeks, it just came to me.

When I wrote all of these songs, I was really a “free spirit”. I was wandering through the world, enjoying everything it had to offer, not worrying about money, or spirituality, or responsibility.

Then, at some point, I realized I needed to focus on my career, and I did that. For 20 years. Each year, I became a little bit less and less “free” in my “spirit”, because I was ignoring the music for the most part, and I was focusing on heavy things – work became my whole life.

Lately, when we sat down and listened to old songs from my old studio in Michigan, and decided to do this, something opened up, and throughout this process has continued to open up. I’m not sure I think it’s even 20% of the way open yet.

Does that mean that I am going to stop caring about money, or my career, or become who I was in my early 20’s? Nope. I think it’s just how we humans find balance. Unfortunately for me, it took 20 years to do it. I went from a hippie musician who spent the days visiting friends and hanging out, to a corporate soldier. Now the pendulum swings back, and this time it won’t go so far. We’ll find balance.

Anyway, “Free Spirit” means something and everything in the last few paragraphs. And now it also means my first album, which has songs mostly written in the mid-late 90s and one written in 2014.

And I’m still writing. And learning. I think Album #2 will come much faster and with much more certainty.

The Cover

T.S. Monaghan Free Spirit Album Cover

Free Spirit, Graffiti on the pier leading up to the lighthouse in Grand Haven Mi.

So, once I arrived at the name, I remembered that I had this photo I took in Grand Haven, Michigan, at the Pier that leads up to the famous lighthouse. Immediately I knew, that was my cover art. Lucked out on that one!

BTW that pier in Grand Haven Michigan, was always a magical place to me. You should go there and see if you can find this piece of art!

Update on the album

I’ve got 3 tracks almost done, and almost mixed. Thinking about a little guest star on one of them. The other two need drums, and they need to have the tracking completed. I still think I’ll beat the October 8 deadline!

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