Album Release Day Is Close!

T.S. Monaghan Free Spirit Album Cover

New Album Cover!

Do I feel ready? No.

But really, I am. I mean, everything is recorded, and lately, I’ve just been mixing, and remixing, etc. And working on things in the studio.

Actually, there are a few new things to point out. I made a rack, to free up space on my desk. My good friend Don and I did that. And by “did that” I mean that he did most of the work and the thinking and I helped.

It’s made a big difference, though, it’s always great to reclaim some space on your desk in your home studio!

Anyway, went over to Don’s studio, and did final mixes on these 5 songs there. Above is a pic from that day …


It went really well, we got the songs sounding about as good as they’re gonna sound, and I’m pretty happy with how everything turned out.

Tonight is mastering, and then I’ll have to upload everything to CDBaby and BandCamp, and then just … wait. Until October 8.

That’s the date! Then you’ll be able to get the “Free Spirit EP” here on BandCamp, or somewhere on CDBaby – I don’t have that link yet.
And then a few days / weeks later, it should start showing up on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Fun stuff! I’m pretty excited. Partially I’m excited to get this thing out there, although I personally wish I’d had done some things differently in the recording / tracking process, I think it turned out pretty good for a completely DIY 1st time in the digital realm project.

The next album, I’m pretty excited to take everything I learned making this one, and then grab the next batch of songs, and do another one!

I think I will stick to 5 song EPs – that just sounds good to me. I like the idea of releasing more frequently, but not just doing singles. I like the concept of the “album” even if it is a dying concept, but I don’t want to take a year or more to do a 12 song album. I’d rather do 2-3 5 song EPs in a year.

Who knows – we’ll see what actually happens. More to come, stay tuned!

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