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The Free Spirit EP Pre-Release

Well, it’s out there. Official release date is Oct 8. It’ll hit iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify and a bunch of other outlets in the next few days. Check it out here     If you would like to Pre-Order […]

Album Release Day Is Close!

Do I feel ready? No. But really, I am. I mean, everything is recorded, and lately, I’ve just been mixing, and remixing, etc. And working on things in the studio. Actually, there are a few new things to point out. […]

Changes And Surprises

Hmmm. Changes and surprises. That might be a cool album title. I’ll have to remember that! Anyway, back to the real reason I am posting. This was a surprising weekend. I was working on finishing up “Possibility” & “Hurts to […]

“Free Spirit” Update Aug 18, 2017

Well, like I mentioned in this other post, I got the guitars pretty well done on possibility. So here is the latest accounting of where we are on this project. It goes without saying that all the songs below need […]