Category: Free Spirit

Description Of This Album

First off, it’s hard to call it an album. I don’t know why. It feels more like a project to me, and an album is more of a finished, successful end to that project. Well, whatever. We’re calling it an […]

Album Length

So I have been thinking a lot about this project, and how I am going to get it out there in the best possible way. I’ve already set a deadline, which you can see over in the right sidebar, and […]

Got Some Drums!

So I found some drums, or I should say, a drummer. It was really interesting to hear someone else’s interpretation on a song that I wrote back in ’94. The song is called “Voices”. I hired a guy who lives […]

New Music Is Coming!

A few weeks ago, Heather and I sat down and started going through music that I had written going as far back as 1993. We’re talking some pretty old tapes here, recorded on things like tascam 4 tracks, and Alesis […]