Changes And Surprises

Eclipse Turns Leaves Shadows Into Crescents

Hmmm. Changes and surprises. That might be a cool album title. I’ll have to remember that!

Anyway, back to the real reason I am posting.

This was a surprising weekend. I was working on finishing up “Possibility” & “Hurts to Love You”. I actually got Possibility done.


I was struggling with “Hurts To Love You”. I really shouldn’t have been. I mean, that song has been mixed to my liking plenty of times, so I think it was a mix issue – but maybe in comparing it to the other (almost done) tracks, it was starting to pale in comparison. Maybe it needs more tracking & re-tracking. Anyway, struggling ensued.

Playing – surprise

So I was showing Heather how easy it is to make a remix, and I grabbed “Dreams Are Real”, and I threw an electronic drum beat on it, removed all the other rhythm elements, and it actually sounded nice.


Then, all I wanted to do was work on that one – not really a surprise since the one I was supposed to be working on was being a pain. So I did it. I re-tracked the bass line to reflect the new drum beat / sound. It was still missing something – I felt like it needed to be lighter than an acoustic or electric, so I used that Nashville Acoustic Guitar I was talking about earlier, and it ended up being just the right thing.

Man, now this song is pretty good. At the same time “Hurts To Love You” is asking for more time, and attention. Probably more than I have to finish this album.

So. I might be replacing “Hurts To Love You” with “Dreams Are Real” for this album.

Sometimes moves like this just arise out of dumb luck, or random inspiration, or whatever you call it – maybe it’s fate. Maybe planning – when it comes to something artistic like an album, has to be a bit flexible.

Explaining the pic for this post …

Also, today there was a solar eclipse, so we spent a little time outside talking about that. So that explains the image that is this post’s featured image 😉

It’s another surprise. When you’re looking at the sky, trying to see the eclipse, maybe you have glasses, maybe you’re trying to get a pic with your phone. You glance down at the ground, and you see that the trees are trying to show you something else…




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