Crazy! I think we’re entering the “mixing” phase.

Mixer Board

So. If I’m basically done tracking – which means that I may add one more person’s voice to “Voices” – then I think it’s time to mix!

I have been doing what amounts to “board mixes” basically throwing sliders where things sound good, but w/o any live mixing or automation, which is required. Now it’s time to make sure all that gets done – so:

  • add automation to the list

Also, I need to start listening on multiple devices and speakers.

  • Listen on everything imaginable

I am a little worried – because I have been (recently) pretty horrified a few of the times I have listened to this stuff on certain earbuds. It seems to translate well on my bluetooth speakers, of course the studio monitors, most studio headphones, and my car.

I have been pretty much mixing it to sound good in my car, so far, because I think my car stereo sounds great, and it’s modern, but not ridiculously expensive – aka – just a stock decent modern car system. More importantly, though, I know my car stereo. I know what sounds good to me, and what sounds bad to me. I know what too much low end sounds like, and what harsh sounds like.

So I will be playing my shit on just about everything I can get my hands on.

It’s a milestone.

This is kind of a milestone, but I can’t really think of much else to say about it. Probably because I am a little surprised and a lot overwhelmed that we have arrived here. I wonder if I will start to second guess everything now that I am here. For the most part I am happy with all the tracks – so I am thinking I won’t end up wishing I could re-record something. But who knows. I can be insanely picky and perfectionist when it comes to mixing.

To me, mixing represents perfecting – and I need to get out of that habit. Luckily we still have the deadline looming – just under 50 days now, right? Then I get to deal with Mastering. And marketing. It’s gonna be a crazy road!

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