Month: October 2017

The Free Spirit EP Pre-Release

Well, it’s out there. Official release date is Oct 8. It’ll hit iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify and a bunch of other outlets in the next few days. Check it out here     If you would like to Pre-Order […]

Mastering With Cloudbounce – My Experience

So I chose Cloudbounce to master these 5 songs with. It was an interesting experience. I’ll tell you all about it here. I basically chose them for two, really unromantic reasons. I didn’t trust online mastering They were the cheapest […]

Album Release Day Is Close!

Do I feel ready? No. But really, I am. I mean, everything is recorded, and lately, I’ve just been mixing, and remixing, etc. And working on things in the studio. Actually, there are a few new things to point out. […]