Free Spirit Recap & New Album

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Hi there. Just wanted to weigh in after “Free Spirit” was released (Oct 8, 2017), done, and now is just in listening mode 🙂

Free spirit, in a lot of ways represents a way younger time in my life. In fact, that’s why those songs were chosen, and the album name, and the album cover, etc. It was my first album, and it represents when I first started writing songs.

Now, I’ve done that, and gotten some of those songs out that I’ve been humming for 20 years, I’m not sure the next album is going to stay in a particular time frame. I think it’s time to just compile an album of songs that all just sit well together.

Maybe within a theme, but I don’t think that theme will be a time period.

Also, I learned so much while recording, and producing “Free Spirit”, I just know that the next one is going to be amazing and fun, and take way less time!

So, I guess this in a way is my announcing that I am, and have been working on the new album, I’ve got all the songs decided on, all of them are completely written, and most of them have basic tracks laid down in the studio.

I’ll update in an upcoming post on that soon. I probably will have an album name soon as well.

That’s it for this update, more to come soon!

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