“Free Spirit” Update Aug 18, 2017

Tims Studio - Mics

Well, like I mentioned in this other post, I got the guitars pretty well done on possibility. So here is the latest accounting of where we are on this project. It goes without saying that all the songs below need at least a little mixing, and mastering done.


It’s pretty much mixed and done. Which is interesting because I may still add another guest vocalist to it. But this one, pretty well in the can.

Throw it Away

Pretty much done. I don’t even have any more ideas for this one. It’s just done. Although it needs a few mix tweaks, it’s really the closest to done of the bunch.

It’s Alive 

Done. Needs major mixing, but tracking is all complete.

Hurts to Love You

I want to redo the vocals on this one, but everyone who has heard it is telling me not to. So, I’m not. It does need a lot of work, and it’s probably last on the list to work on. I need to get real drums on it, and make the piano better, and clean up some randomness. Also, as a side note, this one has always been a bear to mix. There’s a lot going on!


Needs drums, re-tracking on bass, and mixing. Maybe some vocal cleanup.

As you can see, there is quite a bit of work to do, and I only have 50-something days left to do it in. The date that I once set as a “Last Possible” release date, thinking that I would certainly release well before it, is now starting to challenge me.

Overall, I’d say that Voices, Throw It Away, and It’s Alive are all pretty close. Possibility needs minimal work, and possibly more tracking. Hurts To Love You – well, that needs a lot.

I’ll get it though. The release date was designed to keep me on track, as well as make me cut corners – in the sense that I don’t need to be mixing, remixing, etc.



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