Guitar Tracking On “Possibility” Done Last Night

Guitar in Studio

So last night I got the guitar tracking pretty much complete on “Possibility”.

It was a challenge, and I am trying to figure out what the lesson here was. It’s one of those guitar parts that is deceptively simple, yet complex. It’s got to be perfect from a timing perspective, because there are two guitars playing the same thing – a nylon string acoustic, and an electric, and they’re panned pretty hard left and right.

So, if either of them slips up, it sticks out like a sore thumb and sounds like crap. So timing was important, but it kept sounding sterile too. So it took many takes with both tracks until I finally had what I wanted.

Also those two guitar parts – on top of being complex and timing critical, they need to be pretty delicate. They kind of dangle in the breeze at some points. I was telling Heather it’s kind of like laundry hanging on a clothes line. Firmly attached, but able to hang, and be moved by the other influences in the song.

Initially, I tried tracking one, then adding the other. But timing was next to impossible to get right. So then, I ended up doing them both with just the drums – so as I was recording, all I was hearing was the drums. I recorded one with the drums, got it right, then muted that track, and recorded the other with just the drums.

Then, when I played both of them with the drums, I was delighted to hear that they were perfectly synced with each other, and they still maintained that flow and non-sterile laundry dangley-ness. Crisis averted.

Now, with the guitars being just right, the bass sounds like it might be a little bit off to me. Maybe not. I’ll listen again tonight. That’s pretty awesome, though, if the guitars are making the bass look bad from a timing perspective.

The lesson? No idea. Its better to track against drums, but I think we all knew that. Maybe that other guitar parts playing can really be a distraction, even if (or maybe especially if) they’re playing the exact same thing.

Next post will be an update!

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