Mixing Going Well – And Planning And Scheming

Tim Mixer 2

So the mixing is going pretty well. It’s interesting because this part of the process has changed the most (arguably) since I did this in the 90’s and yet I find it (still) the easiest.

The hardest part of mixing is not to get into a routine, or a habit. Not to slap a compressor or eq on a vocal track by default – but to listen and let your ears tell you whether or not you need that compressor or eq.

It’s usually pretty easy for me – or at least it used to be – when I am mixing someone else’s stuff. It’s harder when you’re the artist, engineer, mixer, and producer all in one.

And wait til I get to promoting – which a friend just reminded me about last night – and which I have NO idea how to do.

I’ll do the social media thing. I’ll tell friends and family.

This blog might become a “How To Promote Your Music” blog, for a couple months. But, knowing me, I’ll just hop back into recording, and writing songs.

The pic for this post

It’s the XTouch control surface – AKA Mixer. I’m running out of pictures to use for these posts, I’ll have to take a few more tonight. The XTouch is pretty amazing. It keeps me moving fast, when it comes to mixing. I’m pretty hands on, and having come from the 90s – I’m not really used to / great at / approving of using the mouse to move a fader. I feel so awkward and weird doing that.

So, the XTouch gives me real faders. And it’s not limited to 8. You press a button and it moves to tracks 9-16. Then 17-24. And so on, into infinity. The faders are automated, so each time you press that button, you get the right settings for each channel.

So I can get to flying around on this thing. Instead of rolling your chair a foot over, you press a button. I can get used to that.

It’s got transport controls too, so I can hit play, stop, record, etc., like I am used to as well. And it does SO much more stuff than even my biggest console mixer ever did back  in the day. Yay for technology!

Feedback from friends

Well, I also am getting feedback from some really wonderful people who have taken the time to listen to this stuff, and give me advice before it’s too late! It’s a little nerve-wracking because the very thing I want – constructive criticism – is the very thing I’m worried about people having too much of. Oh well. Gotta do this thing. All the fun makes it well worth anything anyone could say!


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